Small Biz Tips | Newsletter #016

1) First of all, just have the newsletter just start off with a short personal story – again, relationship.  While your email messages should be about building relationships, with the newsletter we’re talking about leveraging that relationship – just a short personal story.  Now, a little tip for you, don’t make it time sensitive and what I mean by that is don’t make a reference to anything within a particular period of time.  Don’t talk about, “Hey, last week we were up at such and such mountains
for Christmas.  It was wonderful blah, blah, blah. I hope you had a great holiday,” because the person who signs up for your e-mail list in January, may get that particular newsletter in March or April, or they’re not going to get this particular e-mail until a couple of weeks after that. So instead talk about, “Hey, one time we spent sometime up in the mountains during Christmas time and etc. like that.”  Share a short personal story about yourself tying it with your niche if you can.  Let’s say if you’re in the scrapbooking niche for example, “Hey, I got some great pictures.  I’m really looking forward to scrap with them etc like that.”  Share that personal story just don’t tie it in with a specific time period because they may be getting this e-mail months and months and months after that and this will not look right when they read it.

2) The next thing that you’re going to do after that, you’re going to have a feature article and you can title that as such feature article.  Find yourself a good PLR article and stick that article in there.  You might have two articles that’s kind of up to you but basically cut and paste it. Hey, we know about PLR articles and such like that, but they don’t.  They’ve never read these particular articles.  So it’s all going to be new to them.

3) Go ahead and toss in there an offer, a short offer… “Hey, I ran across this great e-book the other that I thought you might be interested in.”  Go ahead and pre-sell it.  Make your short offer.  “I think that you would really enjoy it.  Here’s a link to it.”  Then of course make it your affiliate link and send it over there.  Maybe it’s a CPA offer.  Maybe it’s a ClickBank or something else like that.  That’s up to you but make a short offer there so that the newsletter is going to be profitable for you.

4) Go over to Yahoo answers and do a search for different questions in your particular niche.  Take a question, copy it take the best answer and copy it.  Call it your “Niche Q&A”, put the question in there and put the answer in there.

Put in parentheses that information was gathered from Yahoo answers because technically you have to give them credit for that one, you are using their material.  So do that, have a little Q&A section there.  You may have one or two questions depending upon how much space you have.

5) Go out find a good how-to YouTube video.  Say to your niches about fly fishing.  Now, of course, about fly fishing but you were selling physical products that deal with fly fishing.  Find a how-to video there in YouTube.  Find the  embed code and put it right in there.  It is amazing – the number of e-mails that I would get from people who say. “You know, Chad or hey, whatever pen name it is that I was using, that was a great video that you made.”  It’s amazing, the number of people in niches again who don’t know YouTube, have never been to YouTube and who don’t understand that you can take a video from YouTube and place it somewhere else.  They actually think it was you who made that video.  So that’s always kind of funny when that happens.

6) Then close it up, “Hey, looking forward to chatting with you again here sometime soon and then I’ll have the next
newsletter for you next month.”

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