I will have your blog up and running,
search engine optimized, and looking
just the way that you want!



From the desk of Chad Eljisr,

Have you already got your hosting and / or your domain name?

Maybe you’re stuck and don’t quite know the next step to take…

It could be that you understand how to set it all up, you just simply don’t have the time.

You’ve got all these great ideas that you want to share on your blog but you are just stuck in the setup phase.

Let me and my team take it out of your hands completely! Your time is better spent creating awesome new content for your blog and learning all of the traffic secrets to build your readership.

Here’s Exactly What The Package Includes…

  • WordPress Installation 
  • WordPress Theme Installation
  • Blog templates from Woothemes.com
  • 12 months free hosting option
  • Configure Page Links For SEO
  • Installation of a Contact Form
  • Configure Your Sitemap for SEO
  • Setup of Your Blog’s RSS Feed
  • Setup of Google Analytics
  • Setup of Custom E-Mail Address (you@yourdomain.com)
  • Top plugins installation

Don’t Worry If You Don’t Know What All That Means…

Basically we’re going to get everything all setup for you. All you need to do is choose your blog design template from www.woothemes.com (where we signed a licensing agreement) and have your hosting account and domain name purchased and then fill out a quick questionnaire. And if you don’t have a hosting account, you will get free hosting for one year!

We’ll have your site online and ready to blog within 3 business days!

Your site will be search engine optimized, setup with your custom theme, ready for people to subscribe,and looking exactly the way you want it!

Similar sites sell this service for $197 all said and done (and usually you’ll get about half of what I’m offering).

For a limited time, my team can do everything listed above for only $47.

Regular Price $197 Today $47

This is a brand new service and I’m running this on a trial basis so if this is something that interests you, take advantage of it right now. I will only take on a limited number of people for this service. (There is a lot of work involved for each setup). The price will go up to $97 in a short time. This a limited offer to see if there is a demand for this service.

I’m going to spare you a long sales page.

This service is all about time management.

If you have a ton of time on your hands and you want to go through the whole process of learning how to install everything, this service probably is not for you.

However, if you feel your time is more valuable creating quality content, generating traffic, and learning the methods that are going to build your income, you will want to take advantage of this service.

I’m going to be honest with you…

A lot of people are going to take me up on this offer!

If I get too many people needing this service, I’ll need to shut it down to make sure I can keep up with it.

So if you’re interested, secure your slot now. It’ll cost you $47 and you’ll be able to move on with the piece of mind that your site is set up correctly, the SEO is in place, people will be able to subscribe, and everything will just work… The first time…

So grab it now before I can’t offer it anymore.

Regular Price $197 Today $47

I Throw In A Money Back Guarantee!

If you have given me all of the information that I ask for and if I don’t have your WordPress site up and running within 72 hours* of your order, I’ll give you every cent back AND I’ll make sure to finish getting your site installed anyway!

Secure your slot now before the price goes to $97 any time soon. This is not false scarcity. This is a limited time “test” offer. When I’m finished with your work, I may ask for a testimonial to put on this page**.

Regular Price $197 Today $47

* 72 hours = 3 business days. I will work on weekends to get sites installed. However, guarantee gives me 3 working days to finish. In most cases, job will be completed within 72 hours regardless of weekends.

** You are not required to give a testimonial. However, this price is a test of the demand. I am giving away huge value for the price and a testimonial would be greatly appreciated in return.

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