Finally, A Unique Opportunity To Get Personally Mentored By A Six Figure Marketer Who Promises To Take You Under His Wing And Catapult Your Revenue Lightning Fast!

My Goal Is To Get You To $3,000 Per Month In FAST Income!!


•  1ON1 Chats With Chad Eljisr on skype
•  1on1 With Chad Eljisr on email
•  Works for newbies too!
•  You Get Mentored On Affiliate Marketing in the Internet Marketing niche (earn money faster!)
•  Forget all the hype and magic buttons out there, the latest-greatest offers out there, and get busy earning money right now!
•  10 to 15 hours per week is all that is needed (do it part time and then go full time!)


•  X–  NO MAJOR INVESTMENTS NEEDED (minor basic stuff like hosting, auto-responder, etc)




Finally, You Get A Real Person To Help You, Guide You, School You And Be There For You… Personally!

•   60 Days Of Mentoring (2 months)•   2 Emails Per Week — you get to email me twice per week and I’ll personally respond with “coaching emailed answers”•   1 (1on1) chat session per week via voice or text chat on Skype•   Step-By-Step Instructions to follow (videos and/or PDF’s) that walk you through the steps on going from zero to full time income!•   After two months, if you feel you still need more mentoring, you can renew at the same price for two more months, but it’s not likely you’ll need more time unless you just want more time with me

•   Yes, this is me mentoring you (Chad Eljisr) and yes I’ve generated six figure income online from home.  It would be illegal for me to claim otherwise

Actually, let me show you n this short video how I make over $5,000 per month just from ONE affiliate

network, and of cours this is not the only network I use to promote other people’s products…


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  VIDEO  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


•   Why am I doing this since I make so much? Mentoring is part of my business and I find the most joy and fun helping others with what I know. 

•   How much am I guaranteed to make Chad?  Well, who knows how much?  I can only lead a horse to water, cant make it drink… and I’ve had students who went on to make over a million dollars and others who quit and never made a penny.  I guess it’s up to you.  Since this is my time spent (not an digital product or eBook) there are no refunds.  I do guarantee to coach you and show you how to REALLY make big money online.

•  What will I be learning Chad?  You’ll be learning how to earn daily income through Affiliate  marketing.  I’ll show you how to earn simple income from various hot affiliate networks. This is the best way I know of for making big money, period.

•   Is two months enough time?  It is for most, but everyone is on their own pace.  some people have all the time in the world available and others are busy and limited to how much time they can invest in their businesses.  So, it should be enough time, but if it’s not, you can buy again to get two more months with me.

•  What’s the refund period?  There is none.  There are no refunds on this because this is my time.  It’s not a digital product.  If you are worried about a refund policy then this is likely not for you.

•   What’s your income goal for me within these 60 days?  My goal for you is to get you to $3,000 or more in the next 60 days!!

If You Are Not Making At Least $3,000 Per Month Online, Then This Mentoring Opportunity Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!!

Lets be frank here… most people will never succeed because they have to figure it all out by themselves.  They have to connect the dots and figure out the right combination to make this work.

With mentoring like this, from someone who has been there and done that and has a proven track record of helping hundreds of people 1on1, this is as good as it’s going to get.

With this special, unique opportunity, this is the best PRICE you’ll ever see too!  I’ve charged people well over $1,000 for coaching and for this price right now, it’s a STEAL of an opportunity!

**Special Opportunity!!**

10 People ONLY!

60 Days Of 1on1 Mentoring
With Chad Eljisr!

$297 One Time Payment
For 60 Days Of 1on1 Mentoring!!

I look forward to working with you!




Chad Eljisr

PS – This is a special, limited opportunity and is only available during this special time.  Take advantage of it because mentoring like this with me is normally MUCH-MUCH more expensive!




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