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Super Duper Stock Photo Deal On Appsumo

It’s BACK!

Here’s a fantastic deal for anybody that needs premium quality images for his online marketing – Especially useful for PLR and eCover rebranding.

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Where Should I Start From?

I always encourage my newsletter subscribers to ask me any
question that crosses their mind – related to Internet Marketing,
and one of the most asked question sounds like that:

“Where do I START? How to make money online when I’m just beginning?”

A lot of people are facing this issue. The major complaint is that
you are exposed on a daily base to so many choices, business
models, magic solutions, etc, that you kind of “shut down”,
buying one product after another but never going through them,
or just ignoring them, sitting on the fence, waiting for something
more convincing. Here is the most eloquent message that kind of
express this frustration:

“I can’t seem to get through all of the BS to focus on what to do!”

Do you relate to the above message?…

I wish I could tell you that I was so smart and that I understood
what to do from day one…

But the truth is that for almost 8 months I was buying one product
after another, some for $27 and other outrageously expensive, but
NEVER took action.

It was incredible, a kind of addiction, looking for the next shiny object…

Until one day, when I get a phone call from my banker notifying
me that I am minus $15,000 on my credit card “just from internet

That was a wake up call for me!

I said to myself: “Wait a minute! I was supposed to make money
here, not just spend it!”

I mean, I really do believe in investing in self education, and I am
always looking to learn more stuff, but this was getting “sick”…

I felt I had two options at this stage: Crack the code or quit trying
to make money online…

I took a few days off and spent some time with my family. Taking
a few days off included “off the screen of any computer”.

Have a break from your computer screen! You should try it :)

That’s when suddenly it all came clear for me… I realized that
absolutely all the online marketers delivered their messages through
email, and not through some super ninja technique… You may say,
“DUH!!!”… But really, this simple truth made THE difference.

Three weeks later I did my first sale online…

So, where to start from? Start by building your LIST.

Once you identify what target niche you want to address, you should
invest time, sweat and money on building your list of prospects and
potential customers.

Anything you do online at this first stage should have the LIST as
your number ONE priority.

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